Whole Home Renovation #1


What a fun switch-up for this home! These clients came to us with the need of change, this house was not functioning for them. Specifically, how the kitchen interacted with the rest of the home and also the dreaded choppy bathroom that was not serving anyone.

It may seem insignificant, but there was a little 3ft section of wall plus a doorway that was separating their kitchen to the rest of the home. This created more layout issues than what was previously recognized. This wall created voids of space that were then filled with items that these homeowners didn’t even utilize – their example being a bar top table for an eat in kitchen space, which I’m sure that’s what the space was originally designed for, but it didn’t fit these homeowner’s personalities or needs. Ultimately, it was a zone that welcomed clutter.

While learning about our client’s needs and personalities it was obvious to me that this wall needed to go. There was a better purpose for this space, it just needed a little help with a buffet furniture piece. That furniture piece could offer the storage needs that were lacking in the kitchen while also creating a more organized and staged “drop zone” to avoid future clutter.

The bathroom. That poor, small bathroom was crammed with too many of the wrong things. Two door ways that took up valuable square footage and then the walls to hold them. A wall may not seem like a big deal, but that’s 4” of space that could go towards valuable storage. In a bathroom, every inch counts. We didn’t need to change up much for layout, it had fine bones but it needed to be better designed. That’s where the custom cabinetry came in. I love drawers in a bathroom. It is better functional storage for items that can get lost in those low, deep vanities unless you’re crawling around on the floor – and it’s a bathroom, who wants to be doing that? Not only did we enhance and provide better bathroom storage, we were also able to provide their utility cabinet in this same space.

Overall, we were able to give these homeowners a space they felt more at peace in due to the design scheme that flowed through the function.