Enhancing Home Functionality by Eliminating Unnecessary Barriers


The clients approached us with a desire for change. They were struggling with a kitchen that didn’t flow well with the rest of the house and an impractical bathroom. The root of the issue was a small 3ft wall and doorway that separated the kitchen from the rest of the home, creating awkward and unused spaces. By eliminating the wall, we were able to make the kitchen more functional and replace it with a buffet furniture piece, which became a great storage solution and an organized “drop zone.”

In the bathroom, we identified that two doorways were taking up valuable square footage that could be better utilized as storage space. We replaced them with custom cabinetry that included functional drawers, making it easy to access and store items. By doing so, we were able to provide more storage options and even include a utility cabinet in the same space.

Our team was able to provide the homeowners with a more organized, functional, and peaceful space by creating a design scheme that flowed seamlessly with their needs and personalities.