Whole Home Renovation #2


What a transformation! There was so much more that went on into this remodel than meets the eye!

Early on it was apparent that there was something wrong with the drywall. There was cracking everywhere in the ceiling and some areas of the walls, it wasn’t clear to see what had happened until we got a little further into remodeling. The roof trusses had failed. Three or more of these trusses had webbing that disconnected from the bottom cord. What resulted was a ceiling that had dropped over 3″ and the load from the roof had pushed the exterior walls out! 

We couldn’t move forward until this was fixed. With the help of fellow carpenters, we were able to pull the walls back into place, push the bottom cords of the trusses back up, and replace the failed metal gusset plates with a new, over engineered design on all the trusses so that none of the others would fail in the future. To do this the entire ceiling had to come down which gave us the opportunity to have a brand-new ceiling and remove the old decorative beams. 

Besides the major work that went into the structure we gave most of the house an overhaul. Whether it was removing popcorn, replacing all the flooring on both levels, a new kitchen, updated hardware, remodeled fireplace & entertainment area, new landscaping, new exterior paint, a full bath in the lower level and an additional bedroom – this home is ready for memories. 

Thank you to all our trade partners who help make what we do possible, you are valued beyond measures! Thank you to our clients for working with us through all these challenges and the thousands of miles between us. We are so thankful we had this opportunity to work together.